The fintech industry is maturing rapidly and the shift towards specialisation undoubtedly makes strong partnerships even more critical for long-term survival.

- Vahid Monadjem, CEO of Nomanini

The African Fintech Unconference brings together innovators, thought leaders, industry regulators, telcos, banks and other established financial players in the emerging fintech sector in a way that enables fintech companies to engage in smarter partnerships in a fast-moving industry that is ripe for consolidation.

The African Fintech Unconference is an event driven by the agenda of African fintech innovators and entrepreneurs, focusing on their reality and challenges.  It is the brainchild of the partners, FIBR and Nomanini. Nomanini first approached the FIBR team in 2016 with an event concept that was designed with the African fintech innovator in mind. FIBR expanded upon that vision by creating a programme that would engender partnerships with the different groups of actors in the dynamic financial services ecosystem. 

Thus, FIBR brings its network of fintech players that are exploring new, data-driven ways to leverage the trusted business relationships in low income communities to create linkages to financial services. Nomanini has built a strong network of merchants and merchant services across Africa to increase access to payments for everyone, everywhere.

We envision the event being a space for open dialogue and collaboration. To this point, the African Fintech Unconference will follow a more fluid programme where, after a few keynote addresses, delegates can self-organise to share and discuss topics most pertinent to them in an unconference style setting.

What is an unconference?

An unconference is an open, participant-driven event. An unconference is designed to enable rapid exchange of information and ideas, provide a space for conversations that matter and foster the development of collaborative relationships. The content is proposed and provided by the participants, and is often determined on the day of the event.


Why an unconference?

The aim of African Fintech Unconference is to:

Bring together innovators, thought leaders, industry regulators, telcos and banks in fintech to:

  1. Create an agenda which emphasizes concerns of fintech startups rather than incumbents
  2. Build an industry and forge alliances instead of focusing on beating competitors
  3. Invite a healthy dose of reality as opposed to espousing PR

Collectively map the fintech ecosystem based on parties present, highlighting:

  1. Overlaps in activity
  2. Potential areas for partnerships
  3. Underdeveloped areas in the ecosystem

Encourage further innovation, which means learning about:

  1. Exciting success stories
  2. Insightful lessons from failures
  3. An honest appraisal of structural challenges faced by fintech startups

Who is this unconference for?

Fintech innovators, financial services providers like banks and telcos, financial sector authorities like regulators, thought leaders, fintech investors, financial inclusion thought leaders and other industry professionals who want to:

  1. Build new collaborative networks and partnerships across industries

  2. Learn something new from other fintech players in the fields

  3. Be exposed to new ideas for making and keeping your business relevant

If you're eager to meet and speak to a diverse group of industry professionals as well as learn and share ideas, the African FinTech Unconference is for you. 

Help set the agenda

A large part of the agenda for Africa Fintech Unconference is in your hands. We encourage you to share your ideas you want to discuss at the unconference by posting to the forum

We'd love to know about you if there is a particular expertise you bring that could enrich one of our panel discussions. Let us know if you have a particular panel topic in mind.